Hi! I'm Cass.

I'm a Senior Product Manager at Prolific Interactive, where I lead teams to build innovative and user-centered mobile products.

Saks Fifth Avenue

A completely refreshed app for the luxury retailer, available universally for iPhone and iPad. Mobile-first navigation and rich editorial. Rated 5 stars and Featured by Apple as Best New App.

Unlike many iOS app projects, architecture was as much of the deliverable as the user interface and features; we built a reusable eCommerce framework with VIPER to be scalable to other brands. Now, with a solid baseline product in the store, we're focusing on frequent learning and iteration.

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A distinct eCommerce app for the retailer changing how women shop for jewelry. Streamlined product browsing, loyalty integration, Apple Pay, and 3D Touch. Featured New App and Featured Lifestyle App with a 4.5 star rating.

Some of my favorite things from the project were prototyping with Framer and Xcode to learn from users using real data, and creating my first (and then second...) pull request.

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Alex and Ani

"Your go-to for everyday sparks of positive energy, the ALEX AND ANI APP is a powerful blend of exclusive insight, personalized shopping, and symbolic inspiration." Regularly featured by Apple, holds a 4 star user rating, and named Best Mobile Native App by Digiday.

We concepted, tested, and iterated constantly to create features that both reflected the spirit of the brand and met user needs. The result is an app that brings together core mobile commerce, features to select meaningful pieces, and positive content.

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There's More to Life Than Xcode

I <3 mobile. But I've also worked on the full spectrum of digital products - from Goodyear display ads to same-day delivery from windows in New York City for Kate Spade Saturday. I paid my rent in college doing websites and social media strategies for small businesses. I've even tweeted as the Aflac duck, and I currently run the Twitter for my running team, the Dashing Whippets.